We re-engineered the pocket spring

It all starts in a purpose-built factory in Mississippi that allows us to control our product, use the best materials, and streamline costs so we can offer our customers a luxury product at a surprisingly low price.


It starts with
molten steel

The process of making a Sapira mattress starts with thousands of tons of scrap steel rolling in on rail cars and heading for the largest furnace in North America located in Illinois. Almost half of the steel that winds up coiled in your mattress is comprised of recycled automobiles. This furnace will heat those tons of scrap to over 3000 degrees, creating a molten steel.


We mill the
perfect gauge wire

We spent many hours of prototyping to find the perfect gauge wire to use in our pocket spring core. The molten steel is poured and shaped into billets which are milled into rods. These rods are then sent through a series of dies which stretch them into progressively thinner lengths of wire. After being drawn through all the dies, a 20 foot billet of solid compressed steel is lengthened into a piece of coiled wire over 181,000 feet long (that’s just over 34 miles.).


Each pocket coil is created

That rather lengthy piece of coiled wire is taken through a special machine and given its final deep clean, coated and tested for strength and continuity. Finally the wire is machined into the springs that go into each of our mattresses – about 10,000 premium springs are created from 20 feet of recycled steel billet.


The pocket spring
core is created

A standard mattress construction would feature a foam encasement which can leave the edges with less support and integrity. Our pocket spring technology takes the springs right to the edge of the mattress.  This means that the mattress feels the same whether you’re sleeping on it or sitting right on the edge providing good edge support.


Finally, the perfect fusion of pocket springs and performance foams

Every component is made in America. The Sapira hybrid mattress is expertly crafted with a combination of foams and pocket springs in a purpose-built factory in Mississippi where it goes through a quality assurance program before the cover is added.


The Sapira Mattress

Finally, the Sapira hybrid mattress is wrapped in a 100% American made single length of fabric that is beautifully knitted and tailored to hug the mattress and your body. Subtle quilting and our signature “patterns” of life stripes add to the elegance and comfort that connoisseurs of life cherish.

Created by dreamers, built by experts, for mattress aficionados and connoisseurs of life.

100% American Design, Innovation and Manufacturing

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